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Employees’ State Insurance (ESI)


  • Outsourcing of ESI
  • Applicability
  • Due dates

Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Outsourcing

Employee State Insurance is embodied in the Employees State Insurance Act. ESI was established to protect employees under the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948. It primarily finances the Social Security and Health Insurance Scheme for Indian Workers. ESI registration is against death’s effects due to illness, maternity, disability, and employment injury and provides medical care to the insured and their families.

The scheme extends to shops, hotels, and restaurants, including movie theatres, road-motor transport companies, and newspaper companies employing 10 or more people. The plan has been extended to private medical and educational institutions using 10 or more persons in some States and Union Territories. At, we offer you a hassle-free ESI registration process in Bangalore, which will be resolved by our experts in 2-3 working days according to the official working hours. Our team offer you with an accurate evaluation of costs and takes care of the documentation too

Applicability of ESI

ESI applies to all companies having 10 or more employees, and a Salary of Rs.21 000 / – per month or less is beneficial. The employer is required to contribute 3.25% and employee ESI 0.75%.

The due date for filing ESI Return:

The employer is required to file ESI returns on a monthly basis, and the due dates are also determined as follows:

  • The due date for ESI is the 15th of the following month, which can also exceed or change according to the department rules.
  • The due date for ESI return filing is 11th November for the period of return April to September.

Documents Required for ESI Return Filing:

New Employees

  • Mobile Number
  • Family Member Detail
  • New employees joined during the month
  • Employees left during the month

Existing Employees

  • Wages Register
  • Inspection Book, if any
  • Accident detail
  • Employees Attendance register