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Mandatory seeding of Adhaar with UAN

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Mandatory seeding of Adhaar with UAN:

        With reference to above subject it is to inform that Section 142 of the code on Social Security 2020, has been brought into force, vide gazette notification No. 1730(E) dated 30.04.2021.  The section 142 of Chapter XIV of the Social Security Code, includes the provisions related to Aadhaar, wherein the beneficiary under this code or rules, regulations or Schemes made or framed there under, shall establish his identity or, as the case may be, the identity of his family members or dependents through Aadhaar number.  Hence you are directed to immediately take requisite steps for completion of Aadhar seeding in respect of contributory UAN’s of your establishment  for which monthly contribution will now be disabled in ECR as deadline for seeding Aadhar in UAN has expired on 31.3.2022 for select class of establishments.

In order to facilitate timely seeding of Aadhar to avoid disruption in deposit of contribution it is requested to take requisite steps in this regard.   Mr. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Enforcement Officer (Mobile No. 8792211232) is nodal officer for this purpose for resolution of any issues.  Technical issues are also being resolved telephonically over phone no. 0820-2522664. Further this office has constituted a Facilitation team for hand holding purpose in this regards for facilitating expeditious seeding of adhaar.